Does my Evinrude engine remain under warranty?

Yes, we will continue to supply customers service parts as needed and honor our manufacturer limited warranty coverage and extended service contracts. 

Can I continue to go to my Evinrude dealer for maintenance and repair?

Yes, most of our Evinrude dealers will continue to provide maintenance and repair services.

Will I have difficulties finding parts?

No, we are committed to providing parts that our customers will need for maintenance and repair.

I have ordered a new Evinrude engine, how can I get the status on my engine?

We are putting everything in place to ensure a smooth transition. Please contact your dealer to get the status on your order.

Where should I have my Evinrude outboard serviced?

Authorized Evinrude dealers are the best source for service on your Evinrude product. You can use the online dealer locator to find the nearest authorized dealer.

How do I know when to have my Evinrude product serviced?

Check your operator’s guide for the manufacturer recommended service intervals. You can also access digital versions of the operator’s guides at (

What is the difference between XD30, XD50 and XD100 engine oil?

XD30: For use in Evinrude E-TEC, Evinrude direct injection, oil injected, and carbureted 2-stroke outboards.

XD50: For use in Evinrude G2, Evinrude E-TEC, Evinrude direct injection, oil injected, and carbureted 2-stroke outboards. (Synthetic Blend)

XD100: The preferred oil for use in Evinrude G2. Also for use in Evinrude E-TEC, Evinrude direct injection, oil injected, and carbureted 2-stroke outboards. (Full Synthetic)

I have a technical question. Should I call Evinrude?

Your authorized Evinrude dealer is the first line in answering technical questions. If you’ve already contacted your dealer and they were not able to provide a satisfactory response to your question, they may contact the Technical Support Team at BRP for assistance.

Where can I obtain an operator’s guide for my Evinrude outboard?

You can access digital versions of the operator’s guides here. For outboards manufactured prior to 2004, a hard copy may be purchased from your authorized dealer. For outboards manufactured prior to 2010, contact the Ken Cook Company here.

Which propeller should I use for my Evinrude outboard?

Please contact your authorized Evinrude dealer or boat manufacturer as there are many factors to be considered when propping your outboard. You may also view Performance Reports on the Evinrude website.

What if I have a concern related to the speed or quality of service on my outboard by an Evinrude dealer?

Your first step should be to raise your concern to the service manager of your dealership. If you are still not satisfied with any aspect of the service performed on your outboard, you can then contact Evinrude Consumer Support with a case number from your dealer.

How should I store my product for the winter?

Please consult the "Storage/Winterization" section of your operator's guide for information on correctly storing your outboard during the off-season.

How do I get my outboard repaired while in warranty?

Your first step would be to take your product to an authorized Evinrude servicing dealer for diagnosis. The technician can help determine if the repair will be covered under warranty.

Where can I get more information about B.E.S.T. extended service terms?

 Your authorized Evinrude dealer can assist you with these questions or you can read about the B.E.S.T. extended service terms here.

Is my factory warranty transferable to another owner if I sell my outboard?

Yes, the warranty always follows the outboard. An authorized Evinrude dealer can assist you with this change.

Is my factory warranty valid at any authorized Evinrude dealer?

Yes, any authorized Evinrude service dealer can perform warranty work.

Does my factory warranty cover transporting the unit to and from the dealership?

No, outboard/boat transportation to and from the dealership is not included and is the owner's responsibility.

When is my Warranty expiration date?

Please contact your selling dealer. If your selling dealer is no longer available, any authorized dealer can look up this information.

Why was my replaced / repaired part not covered under warranty?

If a part failure is not deemed to be caused by a manufacturer defect, it is possible that the repair would not be covered under warranty.

What if I was denied warranty coverage for a repair to my outboard that is currently under warranty?

Your authorized dealer is trained to make coverage decisions. If you have concerns or questions, please address them directly with the Service Manager at your dealership. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact the Evinrude Consumer Support Team with a case number from your dealer.

How do I update my address or change the ownership of my Evinrude product?

Any authorized Evinrude service dealer can update this information for you or you can fax us documentation of proof of purchase/ownership (such as a notarized bill of sale, MSO, or title) to (262) 884-5381 ATTN: Registration.

Can I purchase Evinrude Parts or Accessories directly from Evinrude?

You can obtain Evinrude parts and accessories from your authorized dealer, or using our online store. You can access the online store here.

How can I get support for a part or accessory?

Please contact the Parts Department of the authorized dealership where you purchased the part or accessory. If purchased online, please contact the dealership the part was shipped from.

I have a parts / backordered parts concern at my Evinrude dealer, what should I do?

Discuss your concern directly with the parts manager at your dealership. If the concern is still not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact us with a case number from your dealer.

Where can I find vintage parts?

Evinrude/Johnson parts:

Sea Way Marine

(425) 412-4006    

Antique Outboard Motor Club/Dennis Evinrude

(414) 881-4589

Twin City Outboards

(952) 496-1951

American Outboard & Motors Salvage

(410) 822-1740  

Gary’s Marine

(888) 891-0101

Stern Drive Parts:

Flagship Marine Engine Co.

(888) 282-2840


If you did not find an answer to your question, your authorized Evinrude Dealer can most likely help you. If you do not know your local dealer, use our dealer locator or call 1-844-345-4BRP.