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Scout fishing boats have earned a reputation for being on the cutting edge of design and quality. Through more than two decades of building award winning sport fishing boats, Scout has learned what works and what doesn’t. One of the first major innovations that Scout introduced with its center console boats was the reverse-shoebox hull/deck design. Which increased the overall strength of the hull and made it safer at the same time. Another great innovation that Scout helped pioneer was the eradication of all wood in boat construction. Wood rots, that’s why from the very beginning, Scout fishing boats have been made with composite stringers and transoms. Yet another great innovation unique to Scout fishing boats is the Air-Assist hull. The Air-Assist hull increases static floatation, decreases time to plane, vastly improves overall handling, and even improves fuel economy. Scout is continually developing new and innovative construction methods for its sport fishing boats such as the “Scout Strata-Mount” system, a feature that allows the natural stresses of the engines to be spread out over the entire hull. Increasing strength, durability, and performance.