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About Us

Located in Palmetto, Florida, Aeon Marine is owned and operated by Will and Elizabeth Leslie with their dedicated seasoned crew, skilled in Design, Tooling, Lamination, Assembly, Rigging and Aluminum fabrication. Aeon is defined as “an eternity” and with the meticulous planning and attention to detail, the boats are aesthetically superior and built to last. Built on a limited custom production basis Aeon Marine hulls are engineered and built with zero compromises and advanced technology. The inshore, near shore and offshore versatile boats offer artistic design with the very best in performance, quality and durability. The company is built on an “open door” philosophy. For those customers fortunate enough to be able to travel to the facility a ‘hands on approach’ is welcomed to witness their dream come to fruition. For those a little further out of pocket, Will & Elizabeth consult and share every step of the build process to ensure their Aeon boat meets and exceeds their unique specifications and expectations. At Aeon Marine custom built means a lot more than just the customer getting to choose the hull color, all boats are built to be as individual as the owner. Whether it is special personalized options for fishing, diving or family usage, Aeon Marine is committed to building each boat to the highest standard using the finest materials and latest hardware available. What truly sets the company apart from the competition is the sheer passion and dedication that is evident to all. Customer service for Will and Elizabeth is paramount; with their team they go all-out to ensure that every customer from initial contact to the years ahead owning a boat has a memorable experience, their reputation is their business.