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Evinrude Achieves Wisconsin Green Masters Level Status

Sturtevant, WI - For the first time, Evinrude, has received recognition as a Green Master in the Wisconsin Green Masters Program. The Green Masters Program recognizes and assesses Wisconsin businesses on their sustainability performance in a variety of sustainability categories.

Founded in 1909, the pioneering spirit of Evinrude is homegrown in Wisconsin and has helped Evinrude remain an industry leader in outboard technology. For over 100 years, Evinrude has focused solely on outboards to give boaters an engine that will help preserve a clean environment. Evinrude’s direct injection engine is cleaner and more efficient than any other outboard with every drop of oil in their E-TEC fuel mix going into combustion, not the air or water.

“Evinrude is committed to preserving the environment for future generations to enjoy. That is why we use innovative technologies to ensure our products are more fuel efficient and better for the environment than any other outboard,” said Tracy Crocker, senior vice president and general manager of Evinrude. “We know creating sustainable products is not the only action we can take to protect the environment so we are also committed to sustainable practices throughout our workplace.”

The program is grounded in an in-depth survey where points are rewarded for a variety of actions. These actions are grouped into areas that include: Energy, Climate, Workforce, Governance, and Community and Educational Outreach. Evinrude has proven their dedication and commitment to sustainability through advancing in the program.

“Sustainability is essential for companies seeking to compete in today’s economy. Evinrude serves as a great example of how a large company can incorporate a sustainability strategy to better itself, the community, and the environment. Their score demonstrates their commitment to sustainability, and their efforts are paying off,” says Kevin Banas, Director of the Green Masters Program.

In addition to creating sustainable products, Evinrude implements sustainable practices in their facilities to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Evinrude’s major sustainability initiatives include installing a closed-loop water and energy recovery system for testing and developing clean-technology outboard engine and pioneering field emissions testing equipment to help bring second-generation alternative biofuels, such as biobutanol, to boating consumers. Their advanced end-of-line engine test reduced process emissions and fuel consumption by over 50 percent. They have also installed a heat recovery unit on existing process emissions control devices, and brought new technology outboard engines to market with fuel efficiency improvements of greater than 15 percent compared to other engine technologies. 

“Every member of the Evinrude team is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices,” explained Jeff Wasil, Evinrude’s engineering manager in Emissions Testing, Certification and Regulatory Development. “Evinrude is constantly pioneering new sustainable solutions to reduce our impact on the environment. These actions help us ensure long-term energy efficiency and sustainability improvements, all of which are core to Evinrude’s corporate social responsibility goals.”

The WI Sustainable Business Council is a network of Wisconsin businesses that are leaders in integrating principles of sustainability into business operations. The business case for sustainability (defined in terms of people, planet and profit) has never been stronger.  Wisconsin businesses are playing a leadership role in not only ensuring the protection and preservation of our natural resources but in creating a vibrant and growing economy.  The Council provides best-in-class sustainability resources and brings businesses together to share knowledge, experiences and tools.