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About Us

SouthWind Deck Boats are manufactured by the Seminole Marine Group, an independent family-owned company, originally founded in 1986, to build the CSI award-winning Sailfish line of offshore fishing boats. Just as Sailfish went on to become one of the nation’s most popular offshore fishing boat brands, SouthWind is today the fastest growing deck boat line in America. Applying what has been learned over the past 26 years, we make every SouthWind Deck Boat saltwater tough – designed to withstand the rigors of a harsh saltwater environment and provide years of hassle-free enjoyment in all boating conditions.

Featuring head turning style, a smooth ride and top-tier construction, SouthWind has earned its premium reputation.

With a full line of Sport Deck and Hybrid Models, SouthWind will help you get the most from your boating investment, by providing a flexible platform for a broad array of on-the-water activities.

There’s a reason why SouthWind has caught on as well as it has and a walk-through on any of our boats or a test ride will let you see that There Is A Difference.