Any Time. Any Place. Any Fuel.

YOU TRUST THEM. THEY TRUST EVINRUDE. NEED WE SAY MORE? It takes guts to serve in the military. Maybe that’s why Evinrude has been the choice of the U.S. military for years and years. Evinrude’s new Multi-Fuel Engine (MFE) technology is what they’re running today. It can run all day on everything from gasoline to kerosene – even jet fuel. The engine you trust is the engine they trust. Because the last thing the military wants to be fighting is their outboard motor.

Low Maintenance

Only available to the U.S. Department of Defense, Evinrude’s new Multi-Fuel Engine (MFE) technology has the power and guts to take on the toughest assignments and never back down.

Built to Military Specifications
Every day the US military depends on MFE technology to complete their missions and get their personnel home safely. If Evinrude’s technology is tough enough for them, just imagine what it can do for you.
Multi-Fuel Capable
The first outboard engine ever that's capable of running on multiple fuel types, including kerosene, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, Jet A and Jet B as well as standard gasoline. Change fuel settings at the flip of a switch, without compromising performance.
Optional Pump Jet Propulsion
Allows the option of propulsion without a propeller, affording additional safety benefits and performance targets for a wider variety of applications. Unique design attaches a large impeller unit to a full gearcase for superior vectored thrust and performance when compared to conventional jet pumps.
Evinrude E-TEC Inspired Technology
Even though the MFE is not a true Evinrude E-TEC engine, Evinrude E-TEC technology is incorporated throughout the design. In fact, the Evinrude E-TEC injectors, fuel system and onboard computer are what make the multi-fuel capability possible.
Evinrude Confidence
MFE's carry the same great benefits as all Evinrude outboards – strong performance, lasting reliability, low maintenance and lots of power.
Stealth Design
The MFE's low reflection, tactical black paint, and minimal operating sound levels ensures that the U.S. Department of Defense can worry less about being detected by enemy combatants.
Wrap Around Handle Design
Unique handle design with special tilt assist strap makes transportation and installation quick and easy.
Proprietary De-Watering System
This allows the military to use the engine in the harshest environments. They can take it anywhere under and in any condition.


- Model-specific elements

Model Weight Shaft Length Color Gear Ratio Starting Method Trim Method Steering

Common Elements

Limited Warranty
Engine type
Displacement cu in/ cc
Recommended fuel
Emissions compliance
Recommended Oil
Propshaft HP
Full Throttle RPM Range
Alternator output
Fuel induction
Bore x Stroke x in / x mm

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